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Ken Day is the founder and proprietor of DayCom Solutions and has over 20 years of software development and programming and debugging experience on a variety of platforms. Experience includes DOS/Windows applications and UNIX and a wide variety of programming languages.

Ken's experience ranges from programming systems integration and final acceptance test programs on proprietary computer systems in ATLAS for military defense avionics systems to semiconductor device test analysis and summarizer applications in Windows.

UNIX experience includes the creation and development of a Systems Integration and Systems Final Acceptance Test Supervisor program to gather actual test data from a wide variety of test stations throughout the factory along with test attribute data. The combined data is then networked and fanned out to other systems for real-time SPC, Yield Collection System for reporting and tracking, and test data archival system. This was done on the HP-UX platforms using HP-VEE to provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI), UNIX shell scripting, and in-line 'code'. Shell scripts supported both the HP-UX and SUN-OS UNIX systems. Ken also programmed in ANSII C.

Other Defense Systems programming experience includes projects such as avionics sub assembly test set programs in HP-VEE and Visual Basic - many of which are still in use today in both the United States and Great Britain. Ken also supported a variety of other Defense Systems programs such as Systems Reliability Assessment/Burn-In, PROM Program Verifier and various support software projects and tools.

While at Raytheon, Ken developed several applications to support machine-tool operations such as automatic machine failure reporting and logging, a support web site, and CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) monitor supervisor program to detect problems and automatically report them early before production quality becomes comprised.

While in the Semiconductor sector, Ken supported legacy applications and developed new ones to gather lab automation data for both linear and nonlinear semiconductor device testing for analysis and summarization. He was responsible for the support and/or creation of over 25 applications ranging from such things as a CMOS Propagation Analyzer, Icc-Cpd, T-Skew (Skew Time), Latch-Up analyzer and summarizers to applications that read lab data files and create groups of visual curves and waveforms from data generated from a wide variety of sources.

Other applications included Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) file manipulation and analysis by creating and placing data in databases for more flexible results, curve generator programs for quick visual analysis of large data files, to XML reader-summarizer program from a created library of XML functions.

In addition to software programming and development of applications for test and support, Ken has created and maintained internal support Webs for companies such as Texas Instruments and Raytheon Corporation. These webs supported large groups of technicians and engineers in their daily activities and entailed database interface for real time information access throughout the factory and/or engineering departments. These corporate sub webs are still in use today and are internal and behind fire walls and as such can not be viewed from outside the corporations.

To support software development activities, Ken has attended many classes and taken various software engineering courses, SPC (Statistical Process Control), Systems Analysis, Network Administration, and more.

Due to the wide variety of languages and programming languages to which Ken is familiar, he is able to adapt and learn new languages and scripts easily to meet specific client needs for either new development or legacy systems support.

For examples of the wide variety of web sites that Ken has designed and/or maintains, follow some of the links on the DayCom Solutions Web Examples page.


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