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Existing Web Sites

Do you have an existing web site and/or domain?
We can support your existing web site.

Let us help you with your existing web. Is it outdated? Or just too much trouble to keep up? We can make updates and changes to your web from your instructions by telephone or by email. We can also pull your information together for a mass newsletter, either by email or put into a web page with email notification to a specified group of subscribers or users.

We can set up additional mailboxes for you, have them auto-forward mail to another email address - thus providing a layer of 'protection' between you and the 'world'. We can also add an auto-responder on many web host services that will automatically send an email to anyone that writes, letting them know that their email was received and will be taken care of quickly - or whatever message you prefer.

New Web Sites

Our Fees for Custom Web Sites

We can create a new web for you, or just help support an existing web. We can make changes to your web from telephone or email request from you, or we can set you up with additional mailboxes in your domain.

An initial consultation is free of charge, and can take place either over the phone or in person.

The next step is for us to provide an estimate. In order to provide an accurate estimate we need detailed information about your proposed web site. We can work from a request for proposal document that you provide, or we can discuss details through emails, over the telephone of set up a working meeting with you at your office.

Once we have this information in writing, we often can provide an proposal and estimate at no charge.

Projects which are complex and/or not yet clearly defined may require our help in thinking through your requirements and developing a document detailing the specifications. We're glad to assist you with this work at our normal hourly rate. The resulting written plan allows us to prepare an accurate estimate for you, but is also valuable document which you may use to obtain other estimates, if you choose to.

For more information about the web creation and development process, see Web Process .

Website Services

Domain name registration and hosting (website) - includes:

  • Domain Name Registration (DNR) - we auto renew for you
  • Hosting Fees for the web server, etc.
  • Email Accounts set up - up to Five (5) - more available *see NOTE
  • Includes a 10% discount on updates (if any required) after deployment.
  • does not include design and setup of the website
$10 per month or
$100 per year
Basic five-page static Website (initial design, setup and deployment)
Each additional page from the same or additional template By quotation
Additional email mailbox setup By quotation
Interactive form (depends upon form complexity and function) By quotation
Custom graphics / Detailed graphics work / Complex page layout By quotation
Database-driven applications, scripting By quotation

* NOTE: Email account set up is just that - we will set up your email account(s) - but this does not include IT work - that is, set up on your specific computer, either over telephone or in your office or home. This is considered IT support and as such will be billed separately if required. Almost everyone can set up their own email using the screen-shot supported instructions for which we will provide you.

Additional Services:

Email Accounts (not on your domain) (on or

$10 per year
Mass Email Marketing on your domain By quotation
Website update and maintenance services $40.00 per hour
I.T. Support Services (in our office and on your site) See: Computer Repair


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