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Website Creation Process

The web creation and development process can be thought of as a three phase process.


Design Phase

Our web development process starts with a meeting with our customer. The customer outlines their wants and needs and gives us a sense of their aesthetic preferences along with their goal, or reason, for developing a web.

Once we have the basic information, we take our notes back to the development desk, register the new domain name (or transfer an old one if applicable) and setup the basic requirements for a web site with the hosting service.


Prototype Phase

Once this is accomplished we create a basic home page and link a few other pages - depending upon customer input and requirements. The result is then put it up on the web for the customer's review. In that way you, the customer, can look at the actual product as it appears on the world wide web and make corrections and improvements.

Usually review and critique is done via email or telephone conversation. After two, three or more rounds of this we usually have honed the product to the cutting edge of what the customer has in mind.

Once the basic web site is stabilized, it marks the end of the development phase and we move into the maintenance phase. Where the development phase is usually done on a fixed price basis, the maintenance phase is done on an hourly basis.


Web Maintenance Phase

The amount of maintenance required for a web site varies widely from customer to customer. Some need a substantial amount of involvement, while others need little or no subsequent intervention.

An example of high maintenance might be a business with constantly changing prices, such as on a menu or price list. A simple web-presence site may require no maintenance or intervention for long periods of time

So that you will not be bothered or worried about your domain name registration expiring, unless notified otherwise by you, we will automatically renew registration for you each year, on the month previous to the anneversary of inception - we know that these things can be easily overlooked and would not want you to loose your domain and website due to an oversight. We will invoice the annual DNR & Hosting Fee for your website in an emai to you.

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If you would prefer to handle your own website setup and billing, etc., please use our referal link:

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